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iGate Expediton to the top of Mt. FUJI 2017

CLOSED on 23 APR 2017. Thanks for your support. Winter is comming!!


University of Yamanashi ARC, JA1YFL, is now operating an i-Gate station at the Mount Fuji Research Station, the former meteorologial observatory, located at the top of Mt. FUJI (3776 m), until around 20 Aug.

The Mount Fuji Meteorological Observatory was operated manned until 2004 equipped with a very high power weather radar. Upon the progress of telemetry and weather satellites, the manned operation by the Japan's Meteorological Bureau was ceased and the radar was removed. The ovservatory building is now operated by a non-profitable organization "the Mount Fuji Research Station" aiming to supervise academic researches at very high altitudes.

JA1YFL has settelled an i-Gate station (JA1YFL-10) at the Mt. Fuji Res. Sta. which is one of the highest stations in the world, and is definitely the highest in Japan. Due to very severe weather conditions at the summit, the i-Gate station will be closed at the early end of August.


TM-D710 (Receive only, 144.66MHz 1200bps)
Whip antenna (placed inner side of a small window. Windows of the observatory are extremely small to avoid any thunderbolt attacks)
View field is west side
Note PC with UI-View32


Packet signal receipt is certified with aprs.fi data or UI-View data log. The internet connection and electricity of the observatory are sometimes very unstable. Please excuse us for data disappearance.

List of Directly Heard Beacons

Google Map View of Directly Heard Beacons (19JUL -- 28JUL UTC)

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