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Tomoya IWATA


Kushiro River

Food web dynamics in drainage networks

Drainage basin is a landscape unit delineated by watershed divides that form a spatially discrete hydrological system. Within the system, streams not only route the material flow downstream but function as energy artery that transports organic matter and nutrients to the various spatial elements. My group investigates the routes and dynamics of such material flow that influences food web dynamics in streams, lakes, forests and even urban ecosystems in drainage networks.

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Dept. of Ecosocial System Eng. | University of Yamanashi |



Tomoya IWATA (Mr.)
Occupation: Assistant Professor (Dr Sci.)
Department of Ecosocial System Engineering, University of Yamanashi
Research field: Watershed Ecology
Contact address: 4-3-11 Takeda, Kofu, Yamanashi 400-8511, Japan

Email: tiwata@yamanashi.ac.jp

Education and Academic Career

 Received Bachelor of Fishery from the Faculty of Fisheries, Hokkaido University in March 1998.
 Received Master of Agriculture from the Graduate School of Agriculture, Hokkaido University in March 2000.
 Received Doctor of Science from the Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University in March 2003.
 Assistant Professor, 2003-, University of Yamanashi

Current research
1) Basin respiration and the fate of terrestrial organic carbon in the Fuji River watershed

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2) Terrestrial subsidies to aquatic food webs in alpine and subalpine lakes

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3) Carbon metabolism of aquatic food webs in alpine and subalpine lakes

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4) Landscape genetics: the genetic structure of amphibians in highly fragmented landscapes

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5) Carbon dioxide and methane emissions from a hydroelectric reservoir

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Peer-reviewed publications

Sikiu River

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    Science of the Total Environment in press

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  • Tomohiro Watanabe*, Aya Miura, Tomoya Iwata, Hisaya Kojima, and Manabu Fukui (2017)
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  • Ecological Research Award, 2002



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