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Fumiyo Fukumoto (Professor)

[Research Interests]

  1. Computational Linguistics

    My research lies in computational linguistics and natural language processing, focusing on
    (a) developing methods to automatically resolve various ambiguities in natural language, and
    (b) learning models of natural language from very large corpora.

    I am currently working on ways to disambiguating a large vocabulary of words using statistics and machine learning techniques.

    Prior to arriving at Yamanashi, I spent nearly six years at OKI and the Institute for New Generation Computer Technology, where I am working on English to Japanese machine translation system and discourse understanding system based on logic programming.

  2. Information Retrieval and Information Extraction Applied to NLP techniques

    I am also working on ways to classify documents automatically, summarise multi-documents, and track events.

[Professional Experience]

  • 1994-current : Yamanashi University, JAPAN
  • 1989-1992 : Institute for New Generation Computer Technology (ICOT), JAPAN
    • Discourse Understanding based on Logic Programming
    • Japanese syntactic grammars
  • 1987-1992 : OKI Electric Industry Co.,Ltd., JAPAN
    English to Japanese Machine Translation System


[Major Publications]

Contact Information
  • E-mail:fukumoto@yamanashi.ac.jp
  • Work: Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Medicine and Engineering
    Yamanashi Univ. 4-3-11, Kofu, Takeda, 400-8511, JAPAN

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