Uchiyama Laboratory


Research Theme

Dynamics of Open Quantum Systems,
   Chikako Uchiyama(Ph.D., Sc.D.), Professor at Univ. of Yamanashi,
   (Visiting Professor at National Institute of Informatics)


Paper: "Environmental engineering for quantum energy transport" was uploaded to arXiv:1711.01025

Mr. Ryuta Tezuka (M1) gave a poster representation, " Non-Markovian effect on energy flow" at the Japan Physical Society Autumn meeting(24aPS-31).

Dr. Kazunari Hashimoto gave an oral representation "Role of non-adiabaticity in spin pumping" at the Japan Physical Society Autumn meeting (22aJ25-5).

Paper: "Nonadiabaticity in spin pumping under relaxation" was published as Phys. Rev. B 96, 064439 (2017) (collaborated work with Dr. Kazunari Hashimoto and Dr. Gen Tatara(RIKEN))

Paper: "Nonadiabaticity in spin pumping under relaxation" was uploaded to arXiv:1706.00583. (collaborated work with Dr. Kazunari Hashimoto and Dr. Gen Tatara(RIKEN))

Uchiyama was allowed to attend the researcher exchange promotion program of the Research Organization of Information and Systems to study about information flow in quantum open systems at National Institute of Informatics.

Paper:〝Energy backflow and non-Markovian dynamics",(a collaborated work with Univ. of Milan) was pulished in Phys. Rev. A 93, 012118.

Paper:〝Dynamics of quantum tomography in an open system" was published in
Physica Scripta, Vol.90, 074064(2015).

Oral Presentation in Conference,“Quantum Control of Light and Matter (QCLM2015)”

Oral Presentation in Conference,“Nonequilibrium Phenomena in Novel Quantum States(YKIS2014)” Slides

Oral Presentation in Conference,“46 Symposium on Mathematical Physics”

Research Topics

Control of Quantum Heat Flux


Research on heat pumping in microscopic level.   

Effects of Initial Correlation


Researches to clarify effects of initial correlations between system and environment on linear response.

Suppression of Effects of Decoherence on Quantum Information


Researches on methods to suppress effects of decoherence on quantum information.

Projection Operator Method for Open Quantum Systems


Researches on theoretical frameworks to describe dynamics of quantum open systems.