The 6th China-Japan Symposium on Ferroelectric Materials and Their Applications
  9-12 November, 2014 / Yamanashi, Japan


 Ferroelectric materials are the one of the most important functional materials. In the past 20 years, significant progress has been archived in the fundamental research and practical applications of ferroelectric materials. China and Japan are two of the most active countries in investigating ferroelectric materials. The China-Japan Symposium on Ferroelectric Materials and Their Applications is held in order to improve the communication and the cooperation between the researchers of the two countries.

 Influential scholars of the two countries will be invited to attend this conference, and academic communication will be focused on the fundamental problems and applications of the ferroelectric materials for improving the research and application of the ferroelectric materials with two countries’ efforts. We warmly  welcome all of experts and scholars related to the ferroelectric materials, from the colleges, research institutions and companies to attend this conference


・Fundamental research on Structural and Properties of Ferroelectric Materials
・Thin Film and Multilayer Films
・Ferroeletric and Piezoelectric Devices
・Synthesis and Characterization

Schedule (Album)

 9 November , 2014
 10 Novembser, 2014
 11 November, 2014
 Presentation・Banquet (Poster Award Ceremony)
 12 Nobember, 2014
 Scientific Excursion

Past conferences

 1st China
Gansu Province・Dunhuang,:20-22 August, 2009
 2nd Japan
Toyama Prefecture・Kurobe:14-17 October, 2010
 3rd China
Hunan Province・Xiangtan:13-17 November, 2011
 4th Japan
Miyagi Prefecture・Matsushima:7-10 November, 2012
 5th China
Jiangsu Province・Suzhou:8-12 September, 2013

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