Laboratory of Exercise Physiology & Biochemistry,
  Graduate School Department of Interdisciplinary Research,
  University of Yamanashi

                            Katsuhiro Koyama Ph.D.

last update :2020.1.8

The main focus of our laboratory has been the study of how various physical activities including exercise contribute health promotion and disease prevention. Specifically, our research has focused upon exercise-mediated changes in redox balance between the generation of reactive oxygen species and anti-oxidative and/or repair capacities. Our laboratory hypothesize that exercise itself functions as a stimulus to facilitate protective adaptation against greater future stresses. In a sense, the adaptation is the same response when we receive a light dose of radiation. Thus, it could be referred to as exercise-induced hormesis. The most important mission of our laboratory is to investigate how do we get exercise-induced "hormesis effect" safely. cf.JPFSM

Koyama's researches have been funded by extramural grants from the ministry of education, culture, sports, and technology (Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research), and from several scientific granting foundations and private corporations. Koyama Ph.D. has also been active in professional organizations such as the Japan Olympic Committee, the Japan Judo Federation and the Japanese Society of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine.

Current research interests in ongoing studies are as follows:
・Possibility that molecular hydrogen acts as an antioxidant
・Prevention of severe head injuries in sports including "Sports-related cuncussion".
・Mechanisms of hypoxia-induced changes in oxidative stress and anti-oxidative system
・Effects of chronic exercise training, carolic restriction and intermittent fasting on health promotion
・Effect of exercise on brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) expression in hippocampus
・Importance of bone health education in school as a primary prevention for osteoporosis