XAFS Analysis of Triiodide Ion in Solutions

Hideto Sakane, Takayuki Mitsui, Hajime Tanida, and Iwao Watanabe


Iodine K-edge XAFS of triiodide ions in various solvents were measured at SPring-8 BL01B1 and analyzed. Though the anion takes a linear and symmetric form, the second peak expected from enhanced multiple scatterings can be hardly observed because of its large vibrations. The bond distances and the Debye-Waller factors for the I-I couple vary when protic solvents were used. It was indicated that the larger the Mayers' acceptor number of the solvent is, the larger the Debye-Waller factor is. It was also found that among the aprotic solvents, the larger the Gutmann's donor number is, the smaller the Debye-Waller factor is.

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Journal of Synchrotron Radiation, 8(2) 674 - 676 (2001).
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