Assistant Professor (Dr. Science from Osaka Univ.)

Briefing of my investigations

Research field: Inorganic structural chemistry, X-ray absorption fine structure (XAFS)

For any material, its structures in atomic scale largely affect the chemical properties. Absorption edges in X-ray absorption spectrum for a certain element in material and fine structures in the high energy side of the edge are called X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure. By analyzing of XAFS, we can obtain the local structural information around atoms of the element in materials. Since this method can be applied for samples in any physical state, new synchrotron radiation facilities such as SPring-8 introduce XAFS as one of most powerful applications of their utilities.

Since 1985, I have measured X-ray absorption spectra for the first transition metals and revealed the relationships between their chemical characters and local structure. I have also investigated the analytical procedure for the solution structure of the complexes containing these elements. Since 1993, I have been studying for inorganic ion exchangers that can be used for purging agents for environmental water, synthesis of new functional materials, etc., using XAFS, X-ray diffraction, and other methods.

I develop XAFS analysis software. Although many softwares for scientific use prefer setting analytical conditions by an input file, this software is aimed to be interactive operation. Therefore, this can be familiar to beginners in XAFS community. Beside this, it contains original algorithms for fast and precise analysis, especially in the estimation of the absorbance for an imaginary bare absorbing atom. It may be useful for XAFS specialists.

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