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Department of Pharmacology
             Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Medicine and Engineering
             University of Yamanashi

Invited talks


2021SLDDDRS Webinar Series, Webinar Series with University Hospital Clinical Trial Alliance
1st Webinar: Synapse Function and Dysfunction (Plenary lecture by Prof. Thomas Sudhof/THe Nobel Prize in Physiology Medicine 2013)
"Astrocyte Dysfunction induced by ABCA1 Deficiency Causes Normal Tension Glaucoma-like Phenotypes in Mices"

2020 Symposium 5 (Mechanisms for death of retinal ganglion cells insight from basic research) at the 31st Annual Meeting of Japanese Glaucoma Society
"Glial cells and RGC degeneration in pathogenesis of glaucoma" (given by Prof Koizumi)

2019 Semiar at Centre de researchrche du CHU de Quebec
「Dysfunction in retinal glia causes pathogenesis of glaucoma」
Quebec, Canada, March 19, 2019

細胞外ヌクレオチド/P2受容体の多様な機能 Roles of extracellular nucleotides/P2 receptors in the CNS
    IGER Seminar, ニューロサイエンス研究センター・創薬科学研究科・環境医学研究所Joint Seminar, 名古屋大学, 12月1日

2016  "Glial roles in brain injury/pathology"
     Summer Seminar of Biosensor groups in Toyohashi University of Technology
     Sepembar 5, Atami, Shizuoka, Japan

2014  "Structural dynamics reconstituted in artificial lipid bilayer observed with fast-scanning atomic force microscopy"

     The 34th Annual meeting of Japanese Surface Science Society, Division of Soft-Nanotechnology
    November 6-8, Matsue, Japan

2011  "Analysis of ion channel dynamics using fast-scanning atomic force microscopy"
 The 11th Annual meeting of the Protein Science Society of Japan  
     June 6-9, 2011, Osaka, Japan

2010  “AFM imaging of single membrane receptor protein.”
Satellite workshop, 13th international conference on non-contact atomic force microscopy, Ishikawa, Japan

2010  “Direct visualization of dynamics in bio-molecules using atomic force microscopy.”
The 30th annual meeting of the surface science society of Japan, Osaka, Japan

2010  “Direct visualization of lipid membrane and membrane-spanning proteins using atomic force microscopy.”
Molecular Electronics and Bioelectronics 2010, Tokyo, Japan

2010  “Dynamic structural changes in receptor proteins analyzed with atomic force microscopy.”
The 10th annual meeting of protein science society of Japan, Hokkaido, Japan

2010  “Single molecule pharmacological analysis of P2 receptors using atomic force microscopy.”
Kyushu University symposium on “Bleeding edge of pharmacological studies toward challenging drug
development”, Fukuoka, Japan

2009  “Single molecule imaging of membrane proteins using atomic force microscopy.”
Institute for Protein Research seminor (in Osaka Univ.), “analysis of reactions on cell membranes ~ for
understanding membrane protein functions ~”, Osaka, Japan

2009  “Stress-responding ATP receptors expressed in glial cells.”
The 13th Japanese symposium on monitoring molecule in neuroscience, Aichi, Japan

2008  “Magnesium effect on rat brain neural development in vitro.”
     European Magnesium Meeting 2008, Paris, French

2008  “Receptor based nano-bio research: application to medical bionics.”
Sir Mark Oliphant International Frontiers of Science and Technology Conference Series, Inaugural
Conference on Medical Bionics, Lome, Australia